Late March Ramblings



March Snow at the Honeyhole Farm (Fujifilm X100t)

It has been a tough spring this year. A very tough spring. Temps have remained February-like. The only thing melting the snow, which is now dense from the tepid freeze-thaw cycles, is the strong late March sun.

We haven’t even had the pleasure and pain of a 2-3 day warm period teasing the future season, inevitably followed by the disappointment of a cold front and snow. No, this year we just seem to get the latter.

It’s kind of sad to hear the valiant spring birdsong in the morning, delivered in temperatures and scenery more suited to the silence of January.

So we persevere. Some people console themselves with “March Madness”, others with a trip to Florida for “spring training”. St Patrick’s day as always, provides a brief distraction from the early spring weather.

Late March Skiing( Fujifilm X100t)

Spring Conditions ( Fujifilm X100t)


Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, there’s still decent snow at higher elevations.  I try to revel in the novelty of cross-country skiing this late in the year, no matter how funky the conditions become. I think of starting to prep and put away my snowplow and snow blower, but understand how truly foolish before late April, that would be.

Late March Morning Mist (Fujifilm X100t)

Another form of consolation: I have acquired a Fujifilm X100t and begun to shoot with it. Perhaps I was influenced by the Fujifilm announcement in the previous posting.  I will post an article with my experiences, but so far, I’m pleased enough with it that my X100s is on EBay.

So we press on. Warm days are inevitable, and one hopes that they burst upon us with vengeance, as repayment for our current dismay.

Hopefully soon.

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Henry F.Smith Jr. has been involved in photography for 35 years. He has become well known as a chronicler of the Eastern US landscapes , though his portfolio includes, portrait, event, and "street photography". His work has been displayed in multiple galleries throughout the northeastern US, and is available for sale for use in public and commercial spaces. His book "Pennsylvania Seasons" is available through major booksellers. He is also a writer and editorialist whose work has appeared in a variety of "daily's" in Pennsylvania. "Dr. Smith" is also a Pulmonary and Sleep physician who practices in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He is happily married, with two wonderful children. Inquiries to purchase prints, and for photographic services can be made through:
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2 Responses to Late March Ramblings

  1. steffieagle says:

    Your wistful acceptance of nature in Mountaintop this year is beautiful. Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course opens today and Mountain Laurel on April 3. Surely the last of the snow is disappearing. The grass will green and the birds will really sing. One day at a time.


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